Message to the Scots and Labour loyalists

We are constantly being told that the Scots are being ruled by a Tory government whom they have not elected, poor unrepresented Scots.

Have you any idea how we in England are sick of up to 50 Scottish MPs sitting in our parliament who we haven’t voted for either. Scotland has inflicted these people on the English for years and the only people that have clearly benefited from it are the Scots, so why don’t you stop whinging.

The Midlothian Question is this, why should the Scots be able to vote in our (English) general election and therefore decide what happens in England but we cannot vote in the elections for the Scottish assembly?  North of the border members of the Scottish parliament legislate on issues such as health, education and transport. But the members elected from Scotland to the Westminster parliament vote on such matters for England, even when the legislation does not affect their own constituents.

I say this to the Scots, vote yes (or vote UKIP) and we can get rid of the quarrelsome Labour left wing MPs;  nobody wants them. What ever you do keep Brown on the North side of the border, it is worth paying him to keep him out of our hair.

The trouble with the Scots is that for some reason, they have a chip on their shoulder, if you don’t like the English then off you go and we can have an English Parliament.

Vote for UKIP, remember Labour doesn’t actually like their supporters

Andrew Neather wrote a speech for Barbara Roche, that called for a loosening of immigration controls. In truth it was to open up the UK to mass immigration. a complete and  deliberate attempt to change the very make-up of this country without telling the English people. We are now faced with the results of that policy.

What is worse is that Muslims ‘have the ear’ of the Labour party. Forget the fact that white English girls have been systematically  raped, tortured and turned into prostitutes, staying friends with the ‘Muslim Community’ took precedence over that in the labour party, votes not morals were much more important

 So there we are, the Labour government has been engaged upon a deliberate and secret policy of national cultural sabotage

How evil can you be to turn on your country like that, and who would suffer the most from it, the entire working class of course and above all, those who have traditionally voted Labour, that is what Marxist Labour think of you as voters; so why do you vote for them?

It is time to change the status quo VOTE UKIP.

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