Punish the ‘effing Tories’

Cameron and his cronies need to be fully aware that it isn’t just the Scots who want to punish the ‘effing Tories’, most of the English people feel the same way. Cameron said that ‘I care for my country more than my party’ what rubbish, if he cared for his country he wouldn’t spend most of his time trying to give it to England’s number one enemy, the EU, like Germany’s EU he is substituting English democracy for the New Reich.

Cameron has agreed to obliterate Habeas Corpus, essentially innocent until proven guilty. This is common law with judges using precedent in their summing up, however, under Napoleonic Law (codified or code law) you can be held for an indefinite length of time in jail, basically guilty until proven innocent. even if you have not committed a crime under your own law!  That is what Cameron thinks of democracy and the English speaking people. Vote for him! I wouldn’t spit on him.

Now that the utterly dreadful Brown has raised his head (yes he is still there taking our money) and has come up with major new powers to granted to Scotland! Cameron and Ed have more or less agreed with it, talk about legislating on the hoof and what is more, following the lead of a more or less disgraced ex Labour Prime Minister.

Someone had better tell this pathetic Prime Minister that 85 to 90% of Britain is made up of the English and he had better start taking notice. Why on earth should we subsidise the Scots anymore, let them go, but I suspect that they will vote no, after all they know which side the bread is buttered. If so then England must have an English Parliament and all legislated for at the same time. Above all no Scottish minister should have a vote on anything relating to the English. If the Scots vote yes then no Scottish MPs at the next election, this must not be tolerated.

We should note that English MPs will not have the guts to protect our interests, just like the private sector they each look after their own, which is why that no matter how corrupt or incompetent you are, you will be put sideways where you earn just as much and still have power. To effect change you will have to vote for UKIP so that we can get rid of these self serving baskets and reform what is now a fairly corrupt upper level.

Labour voters (apart from immigrants) should ask themselves what has Labour actually done for them in the decades that have passed. The answer is nothing, other than leave us in debt each and every time they have left office. They have sown dissent wherever they go which has benefited no one. They have deliberately set out to adulterate the working class by importing immigrants to ‘rub the English nose in it’ this is National Cultural Sabotage Remember what the Labour stalwart Jack Straw said;

‘The English as a race are not worth saving’

That is what he and the Labour party think of the working class people, because that is who he is supposed to representing. On the other hand it probably goes down well with his Muslim constituents as Labour is all about the Muslim votes, even when girls are being raped and pillaged they go to the ‘community’ first and not the police. Labour voters still vote for them, why?

Vote UKIP if you really love your country and let us get rid of these shameless hypocrites.



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