Scottish independence

Perhaps I am alone in this, but quite frankly I hope they vote yes. I am sick and tired of the Scots and how they have been treated by the English. The English make up about 90% of the population and we have forked out right left and centre for the Scots at great expense to us;  forced to do so because the only people in this country without a vote are the English.

Should they vote yes (hopefully) then we can put up a fence, similar to one we are offering France, from East to West and make sure that every Scottish MP is north of it. If they want out, then let us ensure that the very next day they are out, in every way shape and form.

The three offshore patrol vessels being built by Scotland for the Royal Navy are at the expense of the warship yard at Portsmouth, that should be reneged and any participation on the aircraft carriers should no longer take place. There are too many anti English in Scotland to allow them to build our warships.

You want to be alone and independent Scotland, then go.

Tory MPs are saying that Cameron’s credibility will be shattered because he has allowed Salmond to make the running, pardon me! where have they been? Cameron does not have any credibility with any of the electorate. Haven’t they noticed that no one wants to vote for him.

This is a man who was more intent on making Gay marriage a legal right and strutting himself on the world stage, and in doing so emulating to phony Blair, ‘let us go to war’  whilst compromising the defence of our country. Twenty thousand professional troops to go, to be replaced by a part time force which has yet to materialise. On the basis of those who have signed up for this 30,000 part time force, which is les than 200, I would say, do not not antagonise Putin.

On top of all this he now has UKIP to contend with and quite contrary to what the Tory party think, ex tory voters will not vote for him. You can keep telling us that Ed will get in but so what, they will have UKIP to deal with. If the Marxist Labour government get in along with Clegg and the unions then they are going to have a surprise. The countryside march that frightened the last Labour government will turn into a route. They are no longer going to beat up the middle class in this country, the right are now on the move and the left wing BBC and the intelligentsia will need to take that into account.

Let us now email Graham Brady and request that a vote of no confidence is triggered. To hell with the Tory MPs let the people have a say, they have ignored us for too long. A vote now before the election on an in and out vote, it can be done now. How long did it take for Clegg’s vote, not long so let us lance this boil now.

Email Graham Brady now.

Vote UKIP it is time the English have a say in the running of this country, vote for freedom.


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