James Rees Mogg and Nigel Farage

At last a man who’s head is on the right way, his suggestion that the only way out for the Tories (or social democrats) is to honour a pledge to put more UKIP men or women into the Lords in accordance with votes. Above all a number of ministerial posts in the government with Nigel Farage as a Deputy Prime Minister. it would make a change from people like  John Prescott a real buffoon and total hypocrite and Clegg an even more left wing educated hypocrite.

Farage is a conviction politician, this we all know, and more than a match for any of Labour’s die-hards. This is a brilliant idea and would allow them to sweep the field, it would also ensure that we really would have an in/out election. But here is the rub, this would put Cameron in a lose, lose situation because he has no intention of giving us a proper vote. You can be absolutely sure that he has already worked out how to do it. He has already come down on his demands for renegotiation, why? it is because he has been told to do so, that way he can come back to us and say, I have done what I said. This man cannot be trusted at all.

Cameron is about to embrace the European Arrest Warrant, this comes about because we have allowed Habeas Corpus to superseded by the EU EAW.

It is at this point where I am going shout out loud;

This is a malicious law which takes away the right of innocent until proven guilty, something taken for granted in this country for hundreds of years. Now they can arrest you for a crime (which may not be a crime in the UK) and hold you without charge. A sort of Guantanamo Bay but more wicked because you don’t have to be a criminal, just unlucky. Would you believe it, that under Cameron we are about to embrace the EAW, what does that tell you about Merkel’s poodle and what he thinks about democracy.

We need UKIP to ensure our freedom, we cannot rely on Scotland voting yes, so Red Ed will have Scotland, the Unions and the immigrants voting to deny us our freedom . The fact that Ed is Jewish will not put the Islamic community off voting for him, they know that the Labour policy of putting immigrants above the Christian population will persist, this how they have got so far.

Do not forget that it was the NewLabour party who deliberately set out to adulterate the English population by opening our borders to everyone. I say to all Labour voters do not forget this.

There have been problems with UKIP, however, Farage has spoken the truth at all times, look at the Romanians, they have already reached over two hundred thousand, where is the BBC now. Ghettos everywhere and the fifth army is getting stronger as each day passes (I warned about this continually on the Daily Telegraph comment) the last and this government has ignored this. They simply didn’t have the guts to take the bull by the horns, now look at us, we practically have an army in France creating violence just to get into the promised land; this country is moving inexorably towards civil violence all thanks to our truly pathetic British politicians.

If you love England then vote UKIP and let the Tories stew in their own juice, it will do most of them good to get a job. Why on earth they are getting a 10% pay rise beats me, all the work in governing this country is done by our enemies; the EU and Germany.


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