Subservient Parliament

On BBC daily politics on Wednesday last a comment was thrown in by Andrew Neil where he mentioned the ‘distinguished Jack Straw’. Is this the same Jack Straw who once said that’ The English as a race were not worth saving’ later on he said that the English were ‘potentially very aggressive, and very violent’ Did Andrew chose his words carefully or did he have it on a BBC sheet ready to pop it in at the first convenient moment. What is it about the BBC, they really are a bunch of A——–S.

Immigrants are now in their thousands in Calais, why on earth don’t we sort this out once and for all. No one should be able to claim money in any way shape or form unless they have worked (legally) for 5 years. We should not accommodate these people either. People in this country work hard to get onto the property market, why should we accommodate some one from a country where they are treated like scum by their own people. This country has had enough and it is by voting for UKIP that will get rid of it.

What is the point of voting for the three parties, they talk about being in power but have no power. The Speaker in his arrogance decided that one of the highest offices parliament should go to an Australian, who would be clearly of her depth! Parliament is falling apart before our eyes and has become one of Germany’s little countries. Now we get jumped up little nobodies in the EU telling us what to do. We know the old adage, crude though it is, when they shout S—T we jump on the shovel.

Thanks to Blair and the New Labour who started to tear us apart, giving a vote to everyone except England, because we were down for fourteen provinces because the EU and Germany said so, they are determined to wipe us out as a nation.

Now we have Cameron who is equally determined to keep us in and tied to this monstrous New Reich. Hear this each of the main parties have given up on England and Great Britain; Cameron has allowed Scotland to go for independence, knowing that it would break up Great Britain for ever, don’t believe his continual rabbit about us staying together, he knew what he was doing and so does the EU who have become England greatest enemy; yet again.

Farage must be the new Winston Churchill and save England.


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