Cameron’s slaps on the wrist

Forget Quillam and other apologists for Jihadists, Britain must come down hard and fast on this most evil ISIS and it’s followers; many of them in England.

Forget also dual nationality, Jihadists have chosen their fate by fighting for ISIS so let them stay there and make them stateless. All this talk about rehabilitating is total nonsense, the actions of these people are so foul that would anyone in this country want to see them parading our streets. It is bad enough that the EU is forcing us to allow murderers and rapists to do just that. Just taking away their passports is rubbish, we used to do that for football hooligans.

Peter Oborne is doing his bit in the Telegraph about UKIP and how foolish we all are. He is still spouting the bit about vote UKIP and let in Red Ed,  forgetting one thing and that is we all have a vote and if he doesn’t like it, then he should trot of to Russia or whatever. If we can garner enough votes for UKIP (and I don’t see why not) Farage can truly change the face of British politics. People are sick of lies and the inability to run our own way of life.

Cameron will go, already he has shifted his ground on the EU, first it was substantial changes, now he is ready to accept minimal changes, what a hypocrite. Times have changed and the media is such now that he can no longer take us for granted. Look at Blair now, he is reviled by all fair minded people, A megalomaniac who still hasn’t come down to earth; but we now know him in the same way that we now know Cameron.

People will vote for Nigel Farage, I know this he would make a better Prime Minister; lets make it happen.



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