Cobra meeting, more like a slow worm get together.


Up comes Cameron with another speech on jihadists and Putin, tough talk on the Jihadists but softly, softly on the action. Do it Cameron, strip those who are out there of their passports and find the others who have come back and strip them too, then kick them out, they can use their Pakistani passports; to hell with international law. As for the jihadists they won’t be stateless, they belong to ISIS and the desert, that is where their right of abode is. We have all had enough of Islamists and how peaceful they are!

The Tory party under Cameron are like headless chickens, running around without any idea where they are going. Can you imagine him in Afghanistan as a platoon leader under fire; shall we go left, or maybe right, what happens if we get our heads down, on the other hand perhaps we should charge?  I know we can shout a lot and maybe it will all go away. Thank God we had Margaret Thatcher when the Argentinians attacked. Cobra meeting; humbug.

labour MP David Austin another full blooded hypocrite, should remember that it was the Labour party who condoned Islam and their radicals and made it so difficult for anyone to complain without the whole judicial system coming down on them. They were and still are prepared to do anything for votes, including ignoring rape of young girls and promoting Islam over Christianity.

As for the Liberals, they are so damn pathetic they are hardly worth mentioning. Clegg should go off into the wilderness and give us all a break.

‘Putin must not be appeased like Hitler’ said Cameron, Putin must be quaking now that Cameron has ordered 600 army vehicles to boost spending. Unlike 20,000 thousand professional soldier who could and would make a difference if Putin decides to give us a lesson. On the other hand the government have increased our part time force by 140 men so give them some credit.

Warning Putin is like doing you know what in the wind, he has utter contempt for Cameron, let us hope he is not in the mood to do something. Wave a big stick Cameron when you have something behind you, perhaps Germany and the US.

Has it come home to Cameron yet, how utterly stupid it is to compromise our defence in a world where we could be under attack at any moment. Another good reason to vote for UKIP they intend to increase our spending on defence, they have the right priority.

Vote UKIP if you love your country.



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