European Arrest Warrant

Yet another wake up call, the parents of a terminally small child are chased by the British police using a EAW, have now been arrested in Spain, held in custody and are now separated from each other and their child. What was their crime, rape, murder, no it was disagreeing with the health authorities with regard to treatment of their child.

This comes about because we have allowed Habeas Corpus to superseded by the EU EAW. This is a malicious law which takes away the right of innocent until proven guilty, something taken for granted in this country for hundreds of years. Now they can arrest you for a crime (which may not be a crime in the UK) and hold you without charge. A sort of Guantanamo Bay but more wicked because you don’t have to be a criminal, just unlucky. Would you believe it, that under Cameron we are about to embrace the EAW, what does that tell you about Merkel’s poodle.

How many tales are there about the police taking a someone into a cell for a day or more and putting them through the hoop and then releasing them without charge. Innocent until proven guilty has gone.

Where are the other Douglas Carswells they talk the talk but please, don’t ask me to follow my convictions. They have all got their head down, they deserve and will lose their seat.

I hope Scotland votes yes, I am sick their whining. When it happens cancel the warships and put a wall across the high road out of Scotland. As for the Hebrides’s they should go to Norway and lay claim to the North sea, now that would be something to see.


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