Tolerance has been physically abused

Manzoor Moghal Chairman of the Muslim Forum has come out against anti discrimination in an article in the Daily Mail. As far as I am concerned this is a case of shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Mr Moghal, like every other Muslim knew exactly what has been going on, so where has he been. This country has shown remarkable tolerance in its treatment of those who come in to our country illegally or otherwise, so what is it about Muslims that make them want install a regime that they ran away from in the first instance. For years Muslims have plotted against this country, planning for a Muslim State and in most instances shouting it out loud.

Mr Moghal and others like him have kept quite because in their heart they believe that we would be better off in a Islamic state. Take note Mr Moghal you have shot your bolt and most of the people in this country want you all out. The Islamic state has brought us nothing but violence and will continue to do so. Murdering people in the name of God (who I believe in ) is a total and utter sin.   “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”  and so you will.

How did we get to this stage, multiculturalism is the culprit and who rammed that down our throats? the Labour Party of course, do we not remember how they bandied this around during the last government. The thought police supported by the actual police, following the dictates of the left wing anti- state labour party, started to tell us what we should and shouldn’t say.

Under Labour we witnessed a slow but sustained attack on the very heart of England and it institutions, it is no coincidence that rich businessmen and cronies have ended up with peerages and/or positions of power within and without government.

Tyranny, subjugation, cronies, placemen, lies, political control of the civil service, massive immigration coupled with the deliberate destruction of family life against all conventional wisdom. Destroy marriage and the family and you have destroyed the bedrock of society. When they pursued multiculturalism they knew exactly what they were doing. They hated the middle and upper classes so much that they would destroy our society and country to quench their ideological thirst.

The Christian faith continually undermined, freedom of speech curtailed, crack a joke make an innocent remark, pass a religious opinion then you could be publically berated and humiliated by the very people who were once there to protect you. Like the soviets of old you could be held to account for not conforming to party ideology.

This is why we are where we are today where idiots in the Rotherham council and the Muslim community were able to sit back and basically condone the rape of “white Trash” by Pakistanis. They too along with the police thought that young girls raped and maltreated had it coming to them, how utterly pathetic.

Now we have Pakistanis and others who think that we should be murdered because they don’t like who and what we are. This has to change one way or another, Parliament need to debate hanging and put it in or out of their manifesto and to hell with the do-gooders.

Cameron has had plenty of time to resolve much of these problems but of course has done absolutely nothing. Telling us that we now have a serious problem is to stating the ‘bloody obvious’ it is about time that the Tory party woke up, Cameron is the problem, he hasn’t the guts or gumption to resolve this problem. If he and others clamped down hard on these radicals in the first instance, we wouldn’t have anything like the problem we have today.

Violence is in the offing from both the Muslims and unfortunately,  many other people in our society who have had enough. Muslims will have no one to blame but themselves;

they have abused our hospitality in the most horrific way.

I applaud Douglas Carswell for taking the plunge and particularly how he has done it. it will be a shame if others of the like mind, do not have the courage of their convictions to do the same. They should realise that they will not win the election, because old Tory voters have wiped them out. People are sick of lies, speechmaking and losing their country to immigrants, ghettos and a judicial totalitarian regime waxing lyrical over the so called English demise.

Vote for UKIP they are the only party that truly represents us and not the Tory party, certainly not the Marxist Labour party and for God’s sake, not the foolish and out of this world Liberal Party headed by Clegg the hypocrite.


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