Who won the war

Am I alone in being sick of Jean Claude Junker, he had the dubious distinction of being in charge of just over half a million people, and now he wants to strut his stuff over a nation who ruled half the world. Let us face it, despite our paltry politicians we do still have a lot of clout. As for Martin Schultz the speaker who backs him, he is nothing more than a German politician enjoying his role as speaker for a defunct totalitarian regime called the EU.

To many of the English and maybe Scotland and Wales, he Jean Claude and Martin Schultlz are enemies of the English Nation and nothing will change that.

Nicholas Ridley was right when spoke to the media and said the economic and monetary union was a German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe, and giving up sovereignty was as bad as giving it to Hitler.

Remember Enoch Powell, he too was relegated to the side-lines when he spoke the truth about immigration

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'”

This was known as the rivers of blood speech, little did he know how right he was. Edward Heath; another home grown traitor sacked him. Heath a man who lied blatantly to the people about the EU, lying seems to be endemic in the conservative party, does it not.

Cameron despite all, is determined to keep us tied to what I regard as a despotic regime, Why?

We can only be free if we vote for a patriotic party, thanks to people like Cameron Great Britain is disappearing of the map and England already is nothing more than provinces. Think of it, Great Britain a country that once inspired the whole world is about to be eradicated. Scotland a great nation may yet be nothing more than a small nation hoping to be noticed by the world community; without the overall title of Great Britain they will be nothing.

How do they view that in Australia and New Zealand, with pity or a sense of disbelieve that British politicians think so little of their country that they are prepared to give it away (without the people’s consent) without a shot being fired!

Cameron has no intention of giving us a vote, he was a liar before and will be again.

Our country is being taken over by foreigners, our Christian way of life is consigned the dustbins of history, our people have become third class citizens in their own country. Anyone who objects to that, then you can be sure that there is a rule or law somewhere that allows our enemies, government and the left to grind us down.

We have one choice and that is to vote in a party who will protect the indigenous populations rights, a party that will allow us to walk our streets without being set upon by those who now think they own our country.

Vote UKIP if you love your country; this coming election will be the decisive moment. Remember that we have as many enemies within as without.


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