Boris is right!

Brendan O’Neil writing in the telegraph was right to say that persecuting people for their private conversation denies us our freedom of speech; it is Orwellian and should be rooted out. Look at my blog ‘England on the Cusp’ and the extract from my book Sir, We Are At War, fourteen years ago I wrote about the threat to freedom of speech; it has arrived.

Boris is right, do we all think that Pakistanis and other nationalities now have obsession for holidays in Turkey and a bit of sunbathing in Syria, of course we don’t. The presupposition that they goes out fight is the right one, and they should be treated accordingly. Further to this their British passport should be rescinded, dual or otherwise, human rights and the laws laid down by a totalitarian state and its judicial arm should be ignored.

These people who actively disdain our way of life and are prepared to murder our citizens, despite all that has been done for them and their parents, then they have forfeited the right to be called British citizens and that goes for the radicals who parade up and down our streets openly;  threatening our people.

So forget the snivelling lefties and human rights die-hards, put any one of them in the firing line and watch them beg for help and mercy, however, they like to whine safe behind their desks and English law.

Theresa May should stop talking about what is legal and isn’t and get on with doing what she is for, protecting the country and England. Forget the election manifesto and what they might do, that Cameron’s excuse for doing nothing. Bring in the laws now and go for these people. Is she going to wait for an attack; so that Cameron can come out with another speech, God forbid;  there is only so much the security police can do, so help them now.

Bring back Parliament (although I have little faith in it) and let it be an all party discussion, with no party politics, and agree to put paid  to these people; however it is done. Do something now.

We need to frustrate these three parties and their inability to act in the National interest, we need to vote for UKIP a party that truly represents the English people.

Scotland will soon go and when it happens no foreigner from Scotland should have preference for work in England and this should work for the media also. Am I alone in wondering if employment by the BBC is based on a non English surname; are the English at a disadvantage here.

Labour are intent on a women’s short list, it would appear that more women in parliament is more important than meritocracy, on the contrary mediocrity is the order of the day; no wonder they are such a disaster whenever they take power. Yet people still vote for them, the mind boggles.



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