Our pathetic politicians

If ever there was a need to vote for UKIP this is it, Nigel Farage has been warning the people for so long that immigration is out of control. The last Labour government has much to answer for its particular ideology which put their party above their country; yet people other than immigrants still vote for them.

The immigrants who have been stopped then abscond, often do so because there is someone out there who gives them money and a place to hide. The answer is to find them and deport those who have helped them along with absconder. Further to this, those who go out to train and fight should have their passports annulled immediately so they cannot come back. This of course is going to be difficult because our borders are still wide open; nearly five years and Cameron hasn’t sorted it out. What with the EU and Asian countries dancing their way around of so called border controls, it is no wonder that we in the state we are now in.

Use the professional soldiers betrayed by Cameron to create a security force separate from the police and have them under the offices of senior (but now civilians) army officers, give them all access to security files and let them go after these people.

May tells us it will be a generation before we get on top, that may well be the situation because of the  lack lustre response of our politicians who spend all of their time wondering what other people might say about them. If the media start to protest along with that truly pathetic and hypocritical Clegg, then tell them to get knotted.

We have allowed unfettered access to those who wish to convert Pakistani and others into radical terrorists.  parallels can be drawn into the secularist movement who are persecuting Christians because of their beliefs. Take away the Christianity of this country and what are you left with, a void and into it steps a religion that goes one step further and murders those who are reluctant to commit.

We need to stop talking about these poor boys who are disaffected by our way of life and deal with them. If they and their parents are disaffected then they should go back home, remember that’s the place they left because they were treated so badly there.

Are we surprised that these people kill all before them; including Muslims! remember one Muslim should not kill another, however, under Wahhabism which follows a strict interpretation of Islam. those who don’t follow this doctrine are classed as nothing more than heathens and the enemy of Islam. Under that interpretation they are not Muslims so they can kill them, where does that leave us, at the bottom of that heap, that is where it leaves us.

This lack of nerve by our politicians and others is worrying. What is needed is a multinational force to go in big time using air and ground forces to eliminate this threat once and for all, however, that would require the United Nations to condone this, but we all know that the UN is simply not fit for purpose; hundreds of thousands, million even could be killed whilst it conducts a search of it’s own navel.

The best we can do is to be really hard and without mercy on those who threaten us.

We need the common-sense of the British (or soon ) the English people to sort this out, not a speech-maker. Soon we will be able to vote for UKIP.

Who would you rather have, Cameron, Red Ed or (God Forbid) Clegg; so vote for Nigel Farage, a man who speaks the truth and represents the whole of English nation.




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