Muslims with British citizenship

Yvette Cooper and the Labour Party will never be forgiven if they make dealing with Muslim Jihadists into political point scoring. These are the most foul and evil people; and they are here and are ready to kill. What is truly disturbing is that the Muslim society support them, their silence on this matter bears witness to that.

New Labour gave far to much leeway to Muslims whilst they were in office and now have much to answer for. Multiculturalism allowed them to foist their views upon us whilst deriding our Christian values. Now they have a Muslim MP doing her best to boycott Jewish goods, have they not heard that a leopard seldom changes his spots. How much government information could you trust a Muslim MP with?

Now we have ghettos where people fear to tread, we have them because we have the most ineffective and bungling politicians ever in our history.

Most of England is Christian without even knowing it, our national compassion and tolerance of others has been frustrated by fools and scoffed at by the intellectual society. The money grubbing media who scurry after all that is bad in the US way of life have produced feral people who care for nothing, hedonism has reared its head and it is ugly to look at.

An ASBO for jihadists is totally laughable, for goodness sake why is it that these MPs have little or no idea of what they are dealing with? They need to be ruthless, nothing else will do.

Every young Pakistani and others who come back into this country should be suspect.  Jihadists should be stripped of their British nationality and immediatly sent home along with their whole family, get rid of them once and for all.

This bit that says the family didn’t know he or she was going out to fight is complete rubbish, they know alright. So stop patting these people on the wrist and do your job which is to protect this country.

Cameron has once again shown that for his ‘speechmaking’ nothing actually happens; just like Blair he is full of it and should not be in office.

Surely there must be someone in the present government who has the necessary balls to sort out this self serving Merkel’s poodles.

Margaret Thatcher would know what to do, she was a true patriot, a conviction politician and would  do whatever was necessary to protect England; above all she was never there to feather her own nest.


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