Cameron & his let-down

Cameron has pushed through gay marriage against all perceived wisdom and in doing so has downgraded marriage to nothing more than a signature. Marriage is the cornerstone of every society in the world and is not for social engineering. So please don’t listen to Cameron who has now decided to support marriage, the speech he made is all about the next election, he has already shown his credentials.

Most of todays youth accommodate gay men and women but that doesn’t mean they approve. The truth is various organisations like Stonewall have been successful in what they do so that anyone who disagrees publically would be hounded.

Stored in containers or lorries like sardines, jumping in to small rubber boats or taking their lives in their hand by hiding under trains; is there anything they wouldn’t do to get into England. Can you blame them, food , shelter, homes, schools, tax credits that make an every English day worker drool. The truth is whilst we feel sorry for those who are exploited, many of them have someone here who is totally prepared to have them milk our system.

Our overall benefits system makes the mind boggle and what has Cameron done about it; nothing. Nobody should draw benefits for a least five years, houses should not be given to immigrants. They should pay to use our NHS for a number of years. Those who bring them across should be totally responsible for them (let us face it once in they are in) Where do you think many of these immigrants get the money to pay for these gangsters, aren’t they desperate and poor? Cameron should ensure that anyone caught should be sent back immediately and whilst he is at it ensure that our system is adjusted so that these people don’t flock here.

A Labour Muslim MP has shown her true colours, joining those who boycott Jewish goods. The Jews have been here for a very long time and have fully integrated, we do not want Anti-Sematic Muslims telling us what to do. The Jews have brought us nothing but good; what have the Muslims given us?

Cameron is on holiday (most of us do with one) whilst the world falls around his ears. We all know that a holiday keeps you refreshed but we also know that the head of the organisation should be at his desk in an emergency.

Can you imagine a large company whose executive goes on walk-about every five minutes whilst the his company sinks into the mire. He is slowly but surely getting more and more involved without any clear idea where he is going. This is why he will not recall parliament because he will not have a real answer to any questions asked, added to which he has totally compromised our defence.

He is floundering, his foreign policy is subject to what the Americans may or may not do. He needs an objective and to obtain that objective he needs to know how he is going to get there, he needs adequate troops of and on the ground, ample equipment, superb intelligence and a clear idea as to what he is going to do if he meets and obtains his objective.

Where are the Germans and France and other nations, if they waiting for the United Nation then they are wasting their time, United Nations are a sick joke.

England needs a Margaret Thatcher, it is right she had more balls than the whole of parliament; and she was no traitor.

Instead we must vote for UKIP to help us control these inadequate MPs who pretend to represent us.


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