Cameron article in Daily Telegraph

David Cameron warns us today in the Daily Telegraph that;

“The West is embroiled in a generational struggle against a poisonous brand of Islamic extremism that will bring terror to the streets of Britain unless urgent action is taken to defeat it.”

He is right of course but who is actually responsible for this, Blair and his New Labour are culpable, for taking us to war on the say so of a foolish President who had never gone much further than the local golf course. Further to that, Blair’s party allowed the Islamic community to do what ever they wanted, whilst diminishing the status of the indigenous people. Terrorists burned our flag on the streets of London whilst the police and the government looked on; and in the end did nothing.

Cameron too has allowed the Islamic community to get to the stage where they are totally emboldened, rubbishing our soldiers cortège and calling them murderers, Imams spouting terrorist propaganda (in France they kicked them out the next day) budding terrorists using our University campuses to stir up hatred, going off to fight our soldiers; even murdering one on our streets.

Anjem Choudery and his cronies brazenly hand out terrorist type leaflets in the heart of London, that alone tells how much they fear our government; what they have is total and utter contempt

Now we have Cameron trying to act like a statesman telling us that if we don’t support him we will have terror on the streets. It is too late Mr Cameron we all know your bark is far worse than your bite You are always going to do something but never quite get around to it; you are nothing more than a speechmaker.

If we have terror on the streets, it is because he and others do not have the guts to do what is right and sort out once and for all the terrorists in this country who move around in gay abandon.

We now have at least four to five hundred fifth columnists fighting over seas. They all have dual passports. Each one of these should be denied a British passport and entry back into this country, whether they were born here or not. He should then deport the whole of their families, and please do not tell that they don’t know who they are.

We should also bring back the death by hanging for any terrorist atrocity in this country.

Fourteen years ago I wrote a book, take note the prologue has not changed it was obvious to anyone what was going on in this country, much could have been done then to alleviate the problems of today, but unfortunately we ended up with nothing more than ideological leaders

Nerds, that’s what have today, overly intellectual and obsessive. Gay marriage for example, so much time time on unpopular,  and incomprehensible undertakings, forgetting mainstream activities that truly affect our lives of the indigenous population.

My italics


The world is changing faster than anyone could have predicted. Regimes that appear stable, whatever their position within the political spectrum can no longer feel, secure in the fact that their own particular ideology and aims will survive into the next decade.

Consider the following, Islamic insurrection coupled with interventionist foreign policies supported by aggression and pre-emptive action. The continued expansion of the European Union along with the proposed controversial constitution, despite absolutely clear objections by the majority of people in England. The ongoing destruction of the family unit in England recognised by all as the comer stone of every society throughout the world. The continual erosion of free speech and civil liberties by means of insidious legislation, this being an area of real concern as the perception as to what is right and what is wrong is clearly determined by those in power. And of course, the fundamental question on everybody’s lips is, why?

Involuntary mass surveillance increases day by day with, even now thousands of CCTV cameras, watching and continually tracking the movements of people daily without it must be said, their consent. People are being sucked slowly but surely into a surveillance society and the lack of a resolute opposition leaves us vulnerable.

It can safely be stated that a limitation on the freedom of speech, expression or vote leads inevitably to oppression which, in turn leads to anger then violence.

The author, who served in the Airborne forces, saw first-hand the effects of occupation policies, both at home in Britain and abroad. In 1999 all above had an influence on his motivation to hypothesise.

What if the government of the day forged even closer links with the darker forces within the European Union resulting ultimately in total loss of sovereignty and identity of the British people?

What if the British parliamentary system completely lost its counter checks and balances and ended up being totally subservient to Europe, would it result in passive acceptance, or in an active and passionate bloody resistance? Would patriots be prepared to fight for their way of life and their freedom?

What if England’s indigenous population was subjected to uncontrolled immigration and as a consequence became third class citizens in their own country.

Finally what if the people of England said enough is enough and decided to take back their country and their freedoms.

History tells us that ‘cometh the moment cometh the man’. Such a man is the central character of this entirely fictitious novel a patriot who, along with others is prepared to put his life on the line to support his beliefs.

Again history has demonstrated that through time immemorial, forces have always been marshalled to right a wrong and fight for what are their gods given rights.

The team that has been drawn together by our central character to meet this challenge draws their emotional strength from each other and a determination to be free again.

Finally our central character chooses the name of his operation with care as Appolyon is a dark and vengeful angel who rises from the depths…

How much of the above is true today.

We need a right wing party headed by those who are intelligent and blessed with sound common-sense.

We have one it is called UKIP it is time to take back our country, the next general election is the time to do it. Forget all the rubbish that says we will let in Miliband and vote for a party that truly represents us; UKIP




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