A day in the life of what was England

EU rules coming in on waste collection will confirm that it is ruled by total idiots, the wording is so unclear that they have had to issue a separate document to try to clarify it. Would you believe that it may require 9 containers to do the job; this of course would more satisfy the English idiotic councils who slavishly follow their rules.

We are now getting too many instances of people being arrested for crimes they have not been involved with on the instigation of someone complaining to the police. The real problem is that in far too many instances people are taken to a police station and kept in a cell without any real recourse; has happened recently in Canterbury Kent where a man was truly thumped in the face.What has happened to the British Justice system where you are innocent until proven guilty; the police seem to be out of control.

George Galloway has declared his constituency an Israel-Free Zone’ as a result the police are investigating!  I thought they threw people in cells for this, but there again Muslims are involved, one rule for us and one for them. Littlejohn in the Daily Mail was absolutely right, try substituting the word Pakistanis for Israel, then see what happens

Dr Taj Hargey, director of the Muslim Centre of Oxford. His article in the daily Mail castigating Muslims who go along with Jihadism and their foul methods, goes on to say that Muslim youngsters are there partly because of poverty and social isolation. This is total rubbish, this has all to do with the fact that they have no intention what so ever of becoming members of our society and are intent on saddling us with an Islamic way of life, all the while forgetting that they here because they were treated like rubbish in their own country.

Anjem Choudary and his cronies handed out provocative leaflets to shoppers in Oxford street and you quite rightly condemned it, but the real problems is that it is tolerated by our government and police.

This article is to be commended, yet we all know that it is a total and utter waste of time. It is why we need a strong right wing government in this country so that we can get rid of the evil that has now been imported into this country.

Face the truth Dr Hargey you will not get the Muslim community to go along with you. Religion is an absolute curse. We in this country were, at one time, exempt from it.

I am reminded of something I heard a long time ago and that is Religion is what others would have you believe and faith is what you believe in yourself . Maybe the Islamic community should take this on board.

Putin has ignored all and sent in his 280 convoy over the border into Ukraine. The man is spoiling for a fight, knowing that no one is there to stop him. The US will not help, and why should they, the main players in Europe will not stop him. Germany will not stain its hands, France has too many domestic problems at home whilst we in England have Cameron who likes to talk big but has compromised our defence so much, that he dare not make a wrong move.

No aircraft carrier (or Planes and even they are suspect) so we cannot go anywhere without asking someone if we use their airport to launch our planes. He is  getting rid of highly professional soldiers and attempting to replace them with ‘stand by soldiers’ with little or no training, which is unbelievably foolish in today’s world; where we might be called on to defend ourselves at a moments notice.

Blair and Cameron were are the worst Prime Ministers in our recent history, and both their parties along with the Liberals have no place in our society.

Voting in UKIP will give us a party who will truly represent us and get rid of the totalitarian regime across the water and make sure that it is England who is charge of who and what we are and not immigrants and the left wing revolutionary unions.


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