Protest, Human right act.

We all feel for those who suffer in Gaza but the protest had more to do with Anti-Semitism than genuine concern. left wing support and Muslims doing what they do best, hating Israel, its people and Jews. A close look at some of the videos showed a man in his hi-vis jacket with a hammer and sickle on his back handing out literature, what a surprise.

I would have been more than pleased if those Muslims and left wing supporters carried placards condemning Islam followers for carrying out the most unspeakable act of terror ever, burying innocents alive, butchering men women and children, crucifixion, beheading and all in the name of God. Muslims too, who live in Britain are out there lending their support in these vile acts, they all know who they are.

How many Muslims are out there who condemn it, very few, such is the hate they have for those who do not practice their faith. May God forgive them, but I doubt it.

Warsi is still at it telling us that ignoring the ethnic population and concentrating on white voters is bad for us. Ethnic voters Warsi  have never been ignored, they all have a vote to do as they wish with it. They vote for Labour because Labour and the Liberal parties have favoured them over the white indigenous population. That is why we have so many problems today and why the peoples party i.e. UKIP is doing so well; you sow what you reap.

Trying, as Warsi did to liken our vote for UKIP as support for the BNP shows us all how undemocratic she really is; personally I don’t like being threatened.

She calls men in politics bitchy, clearly she hasn’t heard of ‘calling the kettle black’ and her jibe at those who she said called her a brown, working class woman from the north, is a pathetic attempt to bring racism into politics.

An interesting point here, Muslims hate Jews, of that there is no doubt, will they vote for a Jewish Labour leader?

Another interesting point, I don’t know anyone who is anti- black, they are British and integrated and well liked, and as I said they vote for different reasons.

Labour talks the talk on immigration and crime, however, it is they who are the culprits, it is they who saddled us with the Human Rights Act as a result of which we now have rapists, murders and paedophiles on our street. They are the guilty ones and still people vote for them.

People are getting more and more angry about what is going on in England, 14 years ago this book was written, very little has improved since then, if anything it has got much worse.

As for Cameron, he was going to sort this out, he was going to sort out the immigration as a whole. What has he done, nothing; he is a speech maker and PR man and a total waste of time. He was the man who wanted to put men on the ground in Syria, but fortunately Parliament stopped him, can you imagine where we would be now.

Today he could actually do something and support the US in blasting IS of the ground and save Christians and North Iraqi people (Yazidi) from a fate worse than death, but he is to busy sunning himself. We need another Margaret Thatcher to put lead in the rest of parliament and show them what a conviction politician looks like.



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