Gaza, Hamas and Warsi

Israel has a Hamas manual from the Shuja’iya Brigade of Hamas which states that the destruction of civilian homes; increases the hatred of the civilians etc. in the meantime an Indian TV crew has filmed Hamas firing rockets from a densely populated area. are we bipartisan or not?

Warsi has shown her true colours by asking us to support Hamas, an internationally proscribed terrorist organisation and condemn Israel. Have we forgotten that Israel is an ally of Britain, it is after all a democratic state trying to exist in an area hell bent on trying to it wipe of the face of the earth.

Will Warsi ask us to condemn ISIS and their constant butchering of innocent people, will she ask us to condemn the Muslim world for it’s genocide on Christians. Has she forgotten that it is the Muslim world that is slaughtering other Muslims on a daily basis; I doubt it very much.

Another Cameron lack of judgement, Warsi took no part in meetings other than to take notes! a recipe for disaster, a Muslim woman building up her notes on government meetings for a rainy day, and that day has come.

Those who support her call to openly side with Hamas should be ashamed of themselves. Israel went along with each and every ceasefire only to have Hamas break them, they knew what they were doing.

Britain has worked quietly behind the scenes to bring peace, that is the way it is done, and it is being done. The trouble is that the Islamic world has brokered peace in a different way  (but not often) by saying do as we say, or we will kill you. Christians do not do that.

Cameron foolishly put a Pakistani woman in our government and allowed her to build up notes during government meetings,  now she is ready to use it against us, he must reap what he sowed; unfortunately so do we.

We should stay clear of conflict where the Islamic state is involved and let the Arab League get it’s hands dirty for once. Above all we must not let them get too strong in England, it is enough that we are fighting the EU; at this moment in time they are much more dangerous.

We need a strong and truthful party called UKIP and we need it now. Three more years and all that is wrong will become even more entrenched, forget Boris he will only come in when the Tory party have lost and that is far too late.

We need a referendum now, before the next election.

Guess what, the EU intends to make obesity, an official ‘disability’; what’s more the two main parties support this! Can you believe it, no wonder we are in trouble.

Vote for UKIP, the only party that truly represents us.




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