Glib Cameron


Cameron glib PR tongue has yet to mention that far from renegotiating with  the EU we are giving up our veto, 43 of them in fact; how is he going to square that with his so called tough stance.

The truth is that thanks to our disgusting politicians they have effectively handed us over lock, stock and barrel to a totalitarian state. England is no more, all we have left is our name.

How is it that a nation such as ours, who spent two world wars fighting to free Europe from a mad Germany, has now surrendered to the enemy without a shot being fired. Remember, in the first world war alone we lost a whole generation of men! What did they die for?

We are governed by traitors, collaborators call them what you will except patriots. We are inundated by immigrants who sole aim in life is to better themselves by feeding off the  English taxpayer. We don’t have to “send out search parties” anymore, they are queuing up at French ports.

Now we have a Marxist government waiting in the wings supported by Unions who for the most part are revolutionary.

We have one chance and that is to vote for UKIP, the people’s party, UKIP speaks the truth, UKIP a party that believes in it people and freedom.

When the vote comes you will be up against the left ( and they are now everywhere) immigrants the EU and otherwise.

Every English man and women, young and old must vote for UKIP.

The loss of vetoes in 43 areas of public policy will occur on November 1 under a provision of the Lisbon Treaty. It will come as Home Secretary Theresa May also opts back into EU control of 35 justice and policing measures.

Why is this important?

There are 43 aspects of running a country or membership of the EU that will be voted on using QMV from 1st November 2014. These areas of power will no longer reside in Westminster, but instead will be in Brussels.
Quantitative Majority Voting.
No individual country of the 28 member will have a veto in these matters. Thus a positive vote on any of the 43 areas can be imposed on any individual country even against the wishes of it's sovereign parliament.
No law can be enacted that has any bearing on any of the 43 aspects of government without the approval of the EU by majority voting of other members voting for it.
We could be asked to drive on the Right and there is nothing we could do about it. But that is a trivial matter compared what could be pushed our way, against our national interests.
These are the areas :-
1) Administrative cooperation,
2) Asylum,
3) Border Controls,
4) Citizens initiative regulations,
5) Civil Protection,
6) Committee of the regions,
7) Common Defence Policy,
8) Crime prevention incentives,
9) Criminal judicial cooperation,
10) Criminal Law
11) Culture,
12) Diplomatic judicial cooperation,
13) Economic Social Committee,
14) Emergency International aid,
15) Energy,
16) EU Budget,
17) Eurojust,
18) European Central Bank,
19) European Court of Justice,
20) Europol
21) Eurozone external representation,
22) Foreign Affairs High Representation Election,
23) Freedom of Movement of Workers,
24) Freedom to Establish a Business,
25) Freedom, Security, Justice, cooperation & evaluation policy,
26) Funding the Common Foreign & Security Policy,
27) General economic interest services,
28) Humanitarian Aid,
29) Immigration,
30) Intellectual property
31) Organisation of the Council of the EU,
32) Police cooperation,
33) President of the European Council election,
34) Response to natural disaster & terrorism,
35) Rules concerning the Armaments Agency,
36) Self-employment rights,
37) Social Security Unanimity,
38) Space, 
39) Sport,
40) Structural & Cohesion Funds,
41) Tourism,
42) Transport, 
43) Withdrawal of a member state

These measures make the Westminster Parliament toothless and effectively impotent to carry out policy changes, amendments, or repealing etc. on all of those items.

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