Boris speak out and Warsi shows her true colours

Why is it now that Boris comes out with the ” bleeding obvious” if he wants the Prime Ministership then he should support the in/out campaign.

There is nothing worse than a man straddling the wire, take a real stand Boris and search out every MP with guts behind him (there maybe some left) and make a bid for the leadership right now. After 2017 there will no longer be a Tory party to lead, it is a continual source of surprise to me that there are still those in the party who think otherwise! Cameron is untrustworthy, that fact does not seem to register with his MPs.

I and others like me who have been Tory supporters all their lives will not vote for him. I am convinced that the public should vote for UKIP and make them the kingmaker; Red Ed should not be able to govern without the unambiguous support of UKIP, that is the way forward.

Here we are with thousands of immigrants congregating  on the other side of the water trying to make their way into our already overcrowded country and make free use of our benefits system and everything else that is free.

No illegal immigrant should be allowed anything whatsoever. Take an Island and put them on it, or send them packing. Enough is enough and why should the French have to sort out our problem.


This is another one of Cameron’s misjudgement, it is a good job that he is not out there in a large company because he would be out his ear.

He put her there because she is a Muslim forgetting that the Islamic community are no friends  of us, and her loyalty will be to her faith and the Muslim community and not us.

If Cameron wants women in the party, then he should pick them based on their ability and not how many votes they might bring.

As for Warsi using twitter for resignation, how pathetic, how truly pathetic.







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