A day in the life of modern-day England


Britain is to get its first sperm bank to help those who want children but are unable to do so.  Great and then you find that lesbians can also use it! what sort of idiots are foolish enough to  advocate such a perilous course of action, for no other reason than to give lesbians a child; this is a social experiment too far.

Red Ed plays politics with the human disaster in Gaza, this man will do anything to embarrass the opposition. If he told Hamas to stop deliberately antagonizing the Israeli government by sending in rockets and digging tunnels, then the peacemakers would have a chance to do something. All he is doing is creating anti-sematic feeling, the Muslims of course will love that.

Hamas are true terrorists, they know that the Israeli government will respond and that there are plenty of Red Ed’s out there who will turn their fire on Israel. Can he not see that if Hamas are made to stop, then Israel would not and could not attack without the world coming in on them.  A statesman he is not.

District Judge Dennis Lynch gave a convicted thugs sentence a 11 day reprieve so that he could go on a holiday. days later this man was involved in altercation as a result of which a man was killed. It is arguable that the victim would still be alive today.

If he was convicted then why on earth would delay his sentence for a holiday, the mind boggles.

Energy secretary Ed Davey has spent most of his time telling us to get on with it and to stop whinging about his green drive, despite the fact that it is a washout and is scarring our countryside and enriching foreign investors.

Would you believe he has joined the ranks of total hypocrites in the Liberal Party and is now up front with Clegg. Yes he has moved his account to a firm that does not have to pay it. What is about politicians who tell us what to do then go out of their way to do opposite; what a charlatan.

Labour MP Denis MacShane jailed for making bogus expense claims, is now making money out of his fraud by publishing a book called Prison Diaries. He must have realised that if Tony Blair is making a very lucrative living by trading on his time as Prime Minister, despite the havoc he made, then he must have thought why not; no shame, just greed, no wonder they put him in jail.

The EU are putting forward a scheme so that gardeners who use ride-on-mowers will have to have insurance for use on private land. words fail me for the endless supply of moronic fools in the EU, they are a danger to us and everyone around them.

It is reported today that Jean-Claude Juncker, the incoming European Commission president, is apparently considering the creation of a powerful new financial services directorate that would oversee the City.

We all know that If the EU had really wanted to put paid to  Vladimir Putin hegemony, it could have targeted Russia’s huge exports of energy, But the German Chancellor Merkel is not in to that, she will not jeopardise her gas supplies, so go for London Junker and let British Banks take the strain. When are we going to realise that the EU is our enemy and seeks to wipe England of the map! and her we have Cameron and his comrades  helping them; God forgive them all, because I will not.

Vote for UKIP and make them kingmakers in a big way. Cameron is going to lose the next election and we need a strong voice to combat a Marxist government controlled by revolutionary unions.


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