Immigration, labour and Cameron’s submission to the teaching unions.

Robert Rowthorn  is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge, and despite the fact that most of his publications have a Marxist slant, he seemingly does enjoy a following in business circles and government.

He was at one time an editor of ‘the Black Dwarf’ published by a number of mutual socialists. So when we read that his view of immigration fall broadly in line with the rest of us and puts paid to apologists from the left, and our now unashamedly Marxist government in waiting; we need to take notice.

Virtually all of the massive increase in immigration came about because phony Tony and his cronies actively encouraged immigration to the UK while in government. They deliberately set out adulterate the English middle class by opening up our borders to all and sundry, Remember It was Mandelson who said  ‘We were sending out search parties for people to come to the UK.”

I cannot think of a more damming statement from any politician about his own party. The action of the New Labour was a totally and an utterly perfidious act on the people of England. Upwards of three million people came during their period in government, what can you say about a party who hated their own countrymen so much that they should act in such a disloyal and deceitful way.

Our schools, hospitals, and housing shortage can be laid directly at the door of this evil party, along with the death and maiming of many of our soldiers. Are they contrite, no they are not, sorry or being ashamed does not come into their language.

 Look what happened to our education of our school children under their government, endless number of them could not read ort write or do basic arithmetic when leaving. All thanks to the militant teaching unions backed by the New Labour party, who couldn’t give the most basic education to children.

Immigrants were the new darlings of the left; Was it not Frank Field who said   ‘Parents know their children are not achieving what they might, despite unimaginable increases in the education budget, because teachers are disproportionately trying to make sure the new arrivals catch up with everyone else .

Civitas; after several years of denial under the last Government, it is now generally accepted that education standards have been falling. The state monopoly is now being challenged by free schools and academies and there is a real chance of a radical transformation.

We had a first class man in education all knew that Gove was the man to vastly improve our education system, however, in a sop to the unions Cameron has sacked him!! It tells you all you need to know about Cameron and his ambitions; education comes way down the list when it comes to staying in power. What did he tell his new education secretary; I bet it was, be nice.

Everyday we can see why we must vote for UKIP, the only people who truly represent the English indigenous population.

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