It is time to do something.

Cameron’s new blitz on EU immigration is quite clearly rubbish, some of it is old policy and some haven’t been fully acted on.

The £500 million saving, produced by the Office for Budget Responsibility, relates to savings over a period of 5 years. In the meantime we are paying £5 billion every year in tax credits to migrants, yes £5 billion!!

What can we do about it, absolutely nothing because we are bound to follow EU law. England is being sucked dry, the indigenous population are being squeezed by our old enemies and they are loving it.

Apart from which they use our NHS, schools and take up so much housing that many of the indigenous population are having to live with their parents,  couples have practically zero chance of getting in on the housing market.

We need a right wing government who will look after the people of England and not Chancellor Merkel’s poodles, who put an unelected and corrupt state over and above our interests.

We need to put in UKIP and a leader who speaks the truth.  If I stood in the rain and was getting soaked, I would not believe Cameron if he said it was raining.

Half of Scotland hate the English and the other half are concerned only with how much money will they lose if they vote no. Wales is totally indifferent and Marxist Labour are more interested in a revolution and beating down the middle class, so it is time for England to make it’s stand.

Vote for UKIP, it can make a real difference and will protect our interest.


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