Cameron’s fudge

It is worth pasting part of Nigel Farage’s response to Cameron’s article in the Telegraph yesterday. When will people realise that Cameron is not on our side, he is the cheer leader for Chancellor Merkel and the new Reich.

Forget all the rubbish about letting in Red Ed and his Unions, if the large immigrant population and the extreme left want a Marxist government, then let them vote for it, in the meantime we should vote for UKIP, if enough of us do so then can make them kingmaker and frustrate any attempt by the Marxist Labour government to ruin our lives. We need a government and politicians who believe in England and it’s people, a government that truly represents us.

England is being destroyed by those who should be protecting it. We have so many immigrants that the indigenous population are hard put to get even a 10 minute session with a doctor. The chronic shortage of housing too is down to immigrants, every one knows that but even now politicians and the left are trying to blame everyone instead of coming out with the truth.

We have a fifth column in this country, many of whom, quite cheerfully go out to the trouble spots to do their training, then brazenly tell us what they are going to do when they come back and plan further atrocities.

Do you love Great Britain and England, if you do then must try to save it. In the first and Second World War millions gave their live for it; all you have to do is vote.

Nigel today

“And this brings me to the real issue, the one that Mr Cameron and the rest of the political class repeatedly skirt around, the one that makes his benefits promises just so much window-dressing.

The problem with mass migration is not so much the misuse of benefits by a minority – though that is wrong – but is the impact of mass, low-waged and unskilled labour upon the wages, employment opportunities and services in this country. I have been campaigning for years, not on the point of benefits, but the impact of the sheer numbers.

Even Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, couldn’t help but allude to the subject last week as he talked about a “staggering” 25 per cent slump in demand from Europe for British exports, combined with what he described as the effects of “more labour supply than we had previously thought”. He went on to comment that we have “severe” structural problems due to a “chronic” shortfall in housing. Yes, these things are related.

Just look at the way that growth is disproportionately helping the rich, who benefit from cheap labour supply, while the low-waged see pay cuts and freezes. The Local Government Association tells us that there will be a shortfall of 130,000 primary school places in the next three years, caused almost entirely by migration and a soaring birth rate among first-generation migrants.

Open-door immigration from ex-communist countries with GDPs wildly different from our own has resulted in a situation where the lives of millions of our citizens are affected by an issue over which, due to our membership of the European Union, we have no control. But the Prime Minister is promising to bring in measures that will affect a few thousand people, rather than deal with an issue that impacts on the lives of millions.

What Mr Cameron’s article in The Telegraph yesterday really shows is the fear in this Government of the public’s anger, and its impotence in the face of its obligations to European law.

No amount of warm words or glib promises will provide any confidence that the Government has either the will or the desire to act effectively on migration. Nor will they change the fact that such action is impossible while Britain remains a member of the European Union.”



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