The demise of Cameron, politicians and England

You can go back many years and see the damage done by the Labour party but it is from 1997 that the real damage has taken place.

It was Blair’s government that pursued multiculturalism and stimulated political correctness to the point where the indigenous population were to frightened to speak. They quite deliberately opened our borders to millions of immigrants to adulterate our indigenous population. They call themselves a broad church! the Labour party of yesteryear would turn in their graves at their disloyalty to their country and its people.

What they did was to  destabilise our social services and create the housing shortage because of the amount of immigrants, they showed contempt for us by fawning to immigrants, Islam, and terrorists.  They attacked our impartial civil service, compromised our security service and lied to parliament that then took us into wars which caused the death of many soldiers and Iraq civilians; so who is it, and why is it that people votes for them?

In their final act of treachery, Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon treaty, in that treaty it gave the right to Brussels to overturn any decision by our immigration control and asylum tribunal. No wonder Jose Manual Barroso was smiling as he said

” From this document, a new Europe is born”

Cameron has now taken up the cudgel and is now bludgeoning the people of England with words and lies. Look at me he cries, I am working for Britain. In the meantime Merkel the German chancellor is rolling about, laughing her head off. Her poodle is on a long leash, now and then she will give him a bone; but she makes sure there is no meat on it.

Is it any wonder why the people of England now view politicians, with the exception of UKIP as a bunch of self-serving and in too many instance corrupt and worst of all paedophiles, who clearly protect each other and use the information to garner their own ends.

Red Ed rushes off to America, practically begging the now defunct president to pat him on the head so he can come home and say I must be important, foolish, foolish man.

Clegg is desperately looking for something important to say so that he can get rid of his image as a turncoat to the public. Right he now he has decided to go above the foreign office and Cameron by castigating Putin; he has clearly lost it. The left wing Liberal will gravitate towards Marxist Labour, controlled by Unite and others and will take control at the next election, after which they will find some way to proscribe UKIP.

The only way out of this is for the Tory Party to ditch Cameron and put a man in place who will hold an referendum before the next election. and they will win hands down, get on with it or find another job. It is called representing the people.

I suggest that the UKIP main advertising campaign slogan at the next election should be

 ‘Do not vote for Merkel’s poodles, vote for England’



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