EU Hypocrites

Below is a comment in the daily telegraph, without doubt, it is the truth of the matter.

Slowly but surely we are being dragged down into the gutter with Germany and France. These are the people who Cameron has sided with, pretending to be a Eurosceptic whilst playing court to an unelected and totalitarian state.

Cameron has no intention of leaving this foul mess, he is in up to his armpits and so are most of his colleagues. They are lying and cheating us every step of the way, despite all, we have learned that many at the top are now in thrall to Russian businessmen to the point where they even brag about it back home; selling themselves for money; how disgusting.

Nothing has changed my mind about our politicians, no shame, no morals, no convictions and how much can I get out of this. All pretence of representation of the people has gone, true democracy has gone.

Oh for Margaret Thatcher, a patriotic woman and a conviction that we were the best and she was going to keep that way. What have we got now, a prime minister who has an unhealthy conviction for gay marriages, with an even more unhealthy conviction that a corrupt and unelected EU should rule over us.


“The stench of hypocrisy is almost unbearable. Germany and the rest of the eurozone trade far more with Russia than Britain does, buying billions of pounds worth of gas and propping up Vladimir Putin’s regime. Yet Europe’s proposed sanctions on Russia have been carefully designed to inflict as much pain as possible on the City of London, while shielding other economies from collateral damage.

The European establishment rightly wants to punish Mr Putin, whose behaviour has been appalling – but only if it is the Anglo-Saxons who bear the cost. German companies will still be able to sell their wares with impunity; Italy will continue to light and heat itself courtesy of Moscow; and France will deliver its warships as promised. But British workers will lose their jobs to satisfy Europe’s desire to be seen to do the right thing.”

God knows that we need a party that puts Britain first and restores our sovereignty and pride.

Vote for UKIP




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