Before the ink was dry on every newspaper Cameron started his onslaught on Russia, forget the thought that, whilst most of us knew that it was Russia’s support to these anarchists that encouraged them to step outside of the bounds of decency. Cameron should have played his hand quietly and waited for the United nations to lead the way. He did not have the full facts at his hand, just supposition.

Like Blair he is trying to be a world leader but he is not. he has talked about sanctions on Russia’s oligarchs, billionaire businessmen, whilst accepting hand-outs from some of  them. In addition to which he is calling for an immediate arms embargo whilst supplying military equipment to Russia!

To cap this he has placed François Hollande in an embarrassing position by suggesting he withdraws from supplying warships to Russia. Hollande will not do that, and I bet under the same circumstances, neither would we.

This is just another one of Cameron’s continual lack of judgement, all he has done is caused a political upset with France. The world is in an uproar with a Sunni Shia war taken place, backed by Iran who are also waging war against Israel by proxy using Hamas, Russia is now on the warpath all thanks to the EU trampling around in Russia’s backyard and all the time Cameron is warbling away.

The EU is an empty vessel, a committee of 28 states controlled by a German Chancellor more concerned with Germany than any moral dilemma. So if we found ourselves in a war can you imagine the chaos that would result. Right now the last of our aircraft carriers go the knacker’s yard, the new carrier will not be ready for years and we have in waiting US aircraft which are grounded because they are faulty.

We got rid of the Harrier for purely political reasons and left ourselves without a sea Harrier. If by any chance we were on the receiving end of a rogue state, who could we rely on? the answer is nobody; by the time the committee came up with anything we would be dead.

If the Tory party wants to stay in power then get rid of Cameron and his continual lack of judgement, call a referendum before the next election and they will be re-instated with a massive majority.

The truth is that we will have to continue voting for UKIP to ensure that they become kingmakers in the next government. We can now see that the Liberals have  abandoned all pretence and are showing their true left wing colours and are joining arms with our new Marxist Labour party. Remember that the left invariably hate their own country and their people. It was the left wing Labour party who deliberately set out adulterate the indigenous population by letting in up to three million people.

We must vote for UKIP


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