Cameron’s Eurosceptic Cabinet

We saw Philip Hammond, fresh from doing his bean-counting bit on our armed forces being interviewed by Andrew Marr. You could be forgiven for thinking that here is a real Eurosceptic, however, there he was peddling lies about we need a real change on how the EU is run. He then went on to say that if it didn’t come about he would vote to leave!

Michael Fallon is already well on the way to a complete reversal of his principles, just like Hague, a good job and suddenly he is becoming a Brussels advocate.

What we are never told by these people is what change?  Cameron refuses to spell out in detail how he is to approach renegotiation with the EU. The reason why is obvious, it is because he and the EU would have to make it clear that proper renegotiation is never going to happen. President Jose Manuel Barroso made it clear that there would be no renegotiation on the free movement of people because it was fundamental position in the EU. That plus the  heinous Convention on Human Rights leaves the EU to adulterate our population and put every kind of criminal on our streets, along with murderers and terrorists.

We should pull out of the single market and in one move get rid of the practices shovelled onto us by the European commission, which of course make us uncompetitive, not forgetting too the energy market. How many more windmills on and off shore are we going to put in place, all of which are lining the pockets of German and other foreign competitors whilst despoiling our countryside and fouling the sea.

Liam Fox, John Redwood, Gove (tell Cameron to get another Whip) and Owen Patterson should now be making the case for an immediate referendum because they know, without any doubt, that the public are still being lied to about renegotiation.

If they think that the indigenous population are fooled by Cameron’s PR stunt then they are equally foolish. Why is it when we have intelligent people, they are so damned unwise as to believe that the public are so reckless; we know Cameron cannot be trusted.

Now we have Cameron on his way to beg Juncker to give Lord Hill (who is this man) him a portfolio worth talking about. You can see it can you not, please help me Mr Juncker, and he probably will because the German Chancellor will tell him to do so. What have we come to in Britain, beseeching our historic and current enemy for favours.

I have long since said that we now have a different species in Britain, we are the last generation to have pride in who and what we are. Our current MPs and leaders have no shame, no sense of pride and above all, no sense of being British.

Vote for UKIP, we may let in Labour, but if we put enough UKIP MPs in place then they will be there to protect us.

If we don’t then it really will be a case of;

   One People, One Empire, One Leader.

 Chancellor Merkel




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