EU interventionist and appeaser?

Thanks to the interventionist policy of the EU and the US, we are now skirting around a potential war with Russia. The self styled democrats in Ukraine managed to overthrow an elected president, but they were only able to do this by foreign intervention i.e. the EU and the US.

Whatever we think of Russia, it was foolish to tread so heavily in Russia’s back yard, now we have to live with the consequences. Pubescent leaders in the main European countries decided to cross swords with a man who is authoritative and schooled in the old Russia. He has kicked them up the backside, now they don’t know what to do with someone who fights back; and is really dirty.

He has got them on the run and above all he now has Crimea. Germany and France will make a noise but will fall short of making life to difficult for Putin. In the long run trade for them is more important than an aircraft, even a commercial one.

Cameron should shut up along with his defence secretary, because he will not get the support needed from the EU. As for the US let us not forget they are fair weather friends, especially under Obama who is simply not an admirer of Britain. Obama ‘would drop us in it’ without even a glance backwards. Cameron like Blair is too ready to supplicate any of the US presidents to the point of embarrassment.

Cameron’s lack of judgement is such that he should not implicate himself in any foreign policy. His totally fake utterances on Juncker were revealed in his ‘high five’ salute. What else can you expect from a man who has sacked two of his most effective and loyal ministers, by making a perfunctory gesture and including women in his cabinet. The down side is that these women are already dabbed with mediocrity and probably without any justification.

The Tory party always make a thing about loyalty, how on earth can you give loyalty to a man who is so disloyal to his friends; and treats the public with so much disdain.

Cameron will lose the election,  MPs have cause to be worried about their seats and the money that comes with it, the public are more perceptive, but even the MPs cannot see that! Thanks to Cameron and his disloyalties UKIP has now got more potential voters; Cameron is now quite clearly, a millstone around the neck of the Tory party.

As for Gove he should stiffen up his backbone and forget the humiliating Chief whip’s job and get on the back benches, there he can call for an immediate referendum and ditch Cameron’s phony referendum in 2017.


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