Guten Morgen Mr Juncker

Watching Cameron doing a high five with Juncker was nothing more than ‘toe curdling’; how pathetic can he get.

Here we are, still a force to be reckoned with globally but our Prime Minister, true to form is sucking up to Juncker! The German Chancellor appointee comes from a country of just over half a million people, and is now lording it over Great Britain!

So now we have it, Juncker under the jurisdiction of the German Chancellor Merkel, are now our Lords and Masters, all thanks to British politicians, who have now become the worst form of low life. We are now betrayed by those who are purportedly there to protect our country and us; such is our everlasting shame.

Common Law, Magna Carta, Habeas corpus, British justice and law, bypassed  by Strasbourg. British Parliamentary Democracy has now come under the flawed European countries, all directed by Merkel through her accomplices.

Throughout all of this Cameron is determined to keep us in the totalitarian state called the EU. Like the gay marriage Cameron forced through, you cannot help but wonder why, what is it we don’t know about Cameron?

We know he is not going to get the reforms we need but he still tries to fool us by holding out false hopes. I am now 76 but I have never felt so much shame and disgust as I do for Cameron, not withstanding self serving MPs who support what he is doing under the heading of Democracy; a misnomer if ever there was.

Freedom and the right to decide who rules us is being denied by Cameron and his MPs.

Now they tell us that support for UKIP has gone, well it hasn’t, there are still plenty of patriots outside of parliament. We must vote for UKIP. If we want to be something more than third class citizens in our own country then we must do something about it.

I will not vote for collaborators.


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