God help us all, we now have women in the cabinet because they are women. Esther has set the scene, flashing a bit of thigh and a make-over to boot. Let us hope that she can do more than show a leg and put on a bit of succulent lipstick.

Cameron is the only one who hasn’t realised yet that the public know that his shuffle is all about tokenism. Furthermore he has taken his most effective minister in his government and sacked him; how could you be so foolish.

If I was Nigel Farage I would have a long talk to Gove, Cameron didn’t deserve such a first class minister, to diminish him and make him a fool, and in front of the Labour Party and the pathetic teaching unions, who have spent years in turning out youngsters who leave school and cannot speak properly, or do any of the things we used to do when I was 11.

As for making his cabinet more Eurosceptic, forgive me if I fall about laughing, does he really think that we are going to fall for that, they will all go native in about two to three weeks.

Listening to Michael Fallon the new defence minister on the news today, and his banalities with regard to Europe, he is already singing Cameron’s tune. We cannot get any meaningful reforms on Europe; we all know it, Juncker certainly knows it and Cameron and his MPs know it.

We are being lied to by the Prime Minister and his MPs. His Eurosceptic MPs will do nothing, it is all about rhetoric. It is all a typical PR stunt by  Cameron. Why does he think that anyone outside of Eton has nothing between their ears.

Tory ministers are blind to the obvious, the one man who should have been demoted is Cameron, it is he who will lose the election.

Give Farage his 20 seats or you will all start having to work for a living. We know that there are too many MPs who have more than enough money, so losing doesn’t matter too much to them, however,  I suggest most should start looking for jobs now.

Vote for UKIP if you want your country back, or would you rather have the new chancellor of the New Reich.


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