British self loathing?

So said Janet Daley in the telegraph!

We do not loath ourselves Janet, it is the left and Muslims who cannot stand who we are us and that is an anathema.

For years Muslims, especially under the Labour government  have had preferential treatment over the Christian population. ‘Don’t say or do anything that might upset the Muslims’ and that is the truth of it.

Janet might feel that there is something hilarious in the Jihadist teenagers cluing up on the terror movement, but I, and I am sure others don’t. When one or more of these youngsters come back and are successful in creating violence and death, there will be nothing hilarious about it.

The parents and Mosques are to blame because they have brought up these people to hate western values. We can see what Islamic values are every day basis on the news, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and others where Muslims butcher and torture Muslims on an unprecedented scale, then blame the West.

Have we forgotten that when the Two Towers came down, and 3000 people died, young Pakistani children clapped in their classroom, who taught them to do that.

For once in her life Janet Daley should shut up.

By the way, Cameron should ensure that Margaret Thatcher’s statue should be erected in Parliament Square before Gandhi takes the best spot.

You will note that funds have to raised to pay for her statue, who will pay for Gandhi’s statue, is it the government? if so why aren’t they paying for Margaret Thatcher who brought us out of the gutter where once again Labour had put us. Trade is one thing but pride is another, unfortunately there is no pride or shame in our parliament anymore; ask the German Chancellor, Merkel.


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