Magna Carta

Habeas Corpus or freedom from unlawful detention, This was part of the Magna Carta and amongst other freedoms survived for more than eight centuries, however, it is now under attack from the EU and their judicial system.

Habeas Corpus is without doubt the most fundamental freedom enshrined in the Magna Carta. The British subject, knew that Habeas Corpus protected us and separates us from totalitarian countries, where citizens can be seized on impulse by the police and held without trial. The translation of Habeas Corpus means thou shalt have the body (in court)’ on an everyday basis it means that you have a right to a fair trial.

Under certain circumstances British governments have temporarily suspended this most vital protection.

The European Arrest Warrant is such that any one of the despotic countries can fill out a form and extradite you, where you will not be entitled to a fair trial and in too many circumstances you can be held in jail at whim. Again it was the Labour party under Tony Blair who tried to get rid of it altogether. he set out to introduce legislation, using terrorists as a reason, to hold them for 90 day without having to give a reason.

Cameron eulogizes the Magna Carta but is quite happy to see it dissembled bit by bit by Merkel and her cronies.

We are an Island race and are still Christian in the way that we live our lives. Everything we had and still have is being whittled away by Europe and a German state who doesn’t know when to lie down.

British MPs who seem to spend all of their times eulogizing Merkel should hang their heads in shame; they disgust me.



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