Freedom from terror and the Merkel’s new Reich

We all know that it is the government’s prime responsibility to protect it’s citizens.

Riding over the EU’s foolish policy, our government is set maintain the emergency needed to allow security personnel to do their job, however, when the security services actually do their job they are beset by a government and the Home Office who lack the guts to do what is necessary.

So called British jihadists are having a wonderful time, with idiots in this country already coming up with ‘we are not doing enough to help them’ or ‘where have we gone wrong’ These teenage Muslims fighting are terrorists, it is as simple as that, and contrary to what is said by many of those in the Muslim community, they are completely behind them. What is it about the Islamic community that make them hate so much?

Freezing their assets is pathetic, what assets? can you imagine trying to freeze assets of a typical white or black Christian teenager!  it is a complete and utter joke.

Cameron is taking us for a ride, as usual.  Jihadist fighters should lose their passports, even if it makes them stateless, you should then deport the families of each one of  them. You would see immediate results, because these people know when they are well off. This should also happen for preaching violence, deport the Imam and close down the Mosque.

Let us remember that virtually all of these people are here because the people they champion back home and embrace, have betrayed them in their own country and in doing so have made their lives a misery. That is why they are here, so take it away.

It is time to grow up and do what is necessary and stop pandering to terrorists.


I am sick of Cameron’s obsession with Germany and Merkel, which is in complete contrast to the indigenous population of England. I am also sick of his high handed approach to democracy in this country.

Listen to Emmanuel Todd, France’s leading demographer, it tells you all you need to know about Cameron and his endless PR.

Don’t vote for Merkel’s MP’s in an English parliament, VOTE for UKIP if you want your country back, and a patriotic English government.


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