Terrorism in England

So say the US security experts

“British governments have allowed indoctrination centres in mosques and cultural centres, they have turned a blind eye to recruitment operations and they have asserted the rights of those who want to impose sharia rule in their own areas,”

You are absolutely right Frank Gaffney, (former assistant secretary of defence under President Ronald Reagan.)The French called us Londonistan and with good reason. New labour in particular were close on being servile to the Muslim community and embraced their every wish, including making it difficult to be a Christian. The indigenous population in this country are well aware that there are two laws in this country, one for us and a Sharia law.

Virtually the whole of the Muslim community are in accord with those who want to make England Islamic. They simply take a back seat whilst others make the play. You notice that they do nothing what so ever to assert themselves over the radicals.

We also had one parliament in this country until the Muslims set up a Muslim parliament and were allowed to get away with it. The BBC, cosmopolitan elite and left wing intelligentsia were united in calling us anti Muslim and every other name you can think of, and now look at us. Our social services are virtually destroyed we have ghettos in our cities and jihadists threatening us right left and centre.

Every radical and those who are fighting for ISIS or any other party should have their passports taken away, if it means making them stateless then do it, above all every family should join them. On top of that every Imam who condones violence in any way shape or form should join them and that mosque should be shut down.

It is about time we give these people the right to stay here under our laws and behave themselves or go.

To hell with human rights and the EU. Ill say this to the government, do your job and protect this country in every way or get out.

This is what I said in my book completed in 2000, yes 14 years ago!

Sir, We Are At War published by CreateSpace

‘Multiculturism, another evil but effective tool designed to hasten the loss of our identity, and rammed down our throats. The Christian faith continually undermined.

‘It goes on and on, crack a joke, make an innocent remark, pass a justifiable comment express a religious opinion and you can find yourself being dragged through a court or tribunal. There you will most likely be publicly berated and humiliated by the very people who were once there to protect your interests. Like the Soviets of old you can now be punished for not conforming to Party ideology. Families forced to suffer humiliation by default and young children branded and cowed into submission.

‘Ironically it has been one part of the system of government that has been the most efficient for as planned people have become afraid to speak or argue a case for fear of being hauled before the courts with its subsequent results for all of the family. ‘There you have it, tyranny, subjugation suppression of Dissenters, dehumanising, the list goes on and on, none of it spontaneous but a deliberate long-term plan to break down the social and moral fabric of England so that it could be rebuilt to the new order.”


All of the above is true.

This is why we must vote in UKIP next time around and get rid of the self serving diehards who call themselves MPS.

Love your country; VOTE UKIP.


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