Under threat

As Cameron enjoys himself at his little rich dinner party,  Afghans, Pakistanis and others are taking are taking to the channel in small inflatable rafts, so determined are they to reach these shores.

The French are beside themselves trying to control and look after hundreds of people from all walks of life, desperate to experience (in their terms) the highlife in England. Once they have their homes and benefits they can then decide where we in England are going wrong and campaign against us.

Jihadists can laugh at us and the BBC and Sky news will continue to show, two so called British jihadists on TV, giving them endless TV time and romanticising them.

Thousands of Spanish have now fled to these shores, some worth having and some who will be a burden upon us.

Now we have apologists saying that the indigenous old people in this country are taking up to much time and income, and that is why the system cannot cope, this is complete and utter rubbish.

The reason our social services are suffering is because immigrants are taking up our housing, flooding our surgeries and are sucking us dry on benefits. We have become a refuges for every poor country and the worlds health service; these are the real reasons why things are going so wrong.

Yet Cameron and his cronies are equally determined to keep us in the EU. He will quite happily stand up for the German National anthem and bow his head in deference to the new queen of Europe; Chancellor Merkel.

This man and his cronies make me so ashamed. How can any British MP prostrate themselves before Merkel.

In 2010 I finished a book in which saw most of what is going on in England today. It is fiction, simply written, but never the less uncomfortably close to the truth.


But nothing prepared me for a British Prime Minister who would do anything to put us under the thumb of another German Chancellor. We can now hear the sounds of the symbolic jackboots marching across Europe and up Cameron’s back. Germany has risen again.

An in out referendum before the next election, that is what we need, what ever we must vote for UKIP and get a fair number of MPs in parliament to counter Merkel’s British troops.


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