Cameron has warned that there would be consequences if  Claude is appointed, this is going to be further humiliation for Cameron.

The only “consequence” that could matter is the setting up of a referendum before the next General election, however, Cameron is much of a Europhile to let that happen, and that will be his downfall and the end of the Tory Party. Marxist/Labour will come in and there will a surge to the right. People will realise that all democracy has gone which leaves them with one option; and they will take it.

Germany’s Chancellor has weighed up Cameron and found him wanting and prepared to ride roughshod over him. Germany now has England in its sights. Blair started the break up of England with devolution coupled with the dismemberment of England itself, and now we have Cameron.

Cameron is pretending to fight for us but in reality he has already given our country away, what we are hearing now is rhetoric; sheer bombast. Who ever gets elected he will be a federalist and Germany’s chancellor will not rest until they are the masters again.

We the public are to blame we have listened to these liars for so long that we have forgotten what the truth looks like. Now we have immigrants, Labours dependants and the Unions who are now calling the tune.

Unless we continue to vote for the one party who actually represents the people of this country, we are going down in flames.


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