British jihadists

It is said that over 400 British jihadists have joined ISIS, and are now fighting for those who are ultraconservative and inhuman.

The cry now is , what have we not done to integrate these people into our society, how have we failed them. The truth is that it is the Muslim society that has failed us and not the other way around.

They go through hell and high water to get into this country and seek it’s protection, and why, it is because they are in the main, treated like animals in their own country; so they come to a Christian country to get a better life. Suddenly they are calling us kuffers and soon after that they tell us where we have gone wrong in our lives and what we need to do about it.

Theresa May needs to stop this appeasement by the intellectual idiots in this country and deal with this massive problem right now. Take away the passports and/or make them stateless and get them out of this country along with their family.

If British jihadists like ISIS so much then let them live under it;  the sooner the better. As for the moderate Muslims who apparently don’t support violence, all I can say is, pull the other one. The Muslim community do nothing to prevent this happening, nothing what so ever.

This and the last government have failed to prevent the spread of Islam in this country and we are now going to reap, very heavily, the cost of appeasement.

Those who are now fighting with ISIS cannot be allowed back, who knows what atrocities they have already committed.

Islam have declared war on us and we must be prepared to fight back.


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