China and British jihadist

Can you imagine what Li Kegiang will say to his inner circle the next time around, probably something like “we have got them and it was so easy” and it was too.

Cameron is a well educated man but so naïve and lacking judgement, China will now control our nuclear power supply and our railway, and he is ‘over the moon’ about it!

Cameron is totally intent on removing our sovereignty and our nation state. He has given an almost total control of our energy to a communist state and what is left of our sovereignty to the unelected and totalitarian EU.

It is quite clear to everyone by now that all of this is a deliberate attempt to wipe England off the face of the map. Our pride, what is left of it has been trampled in the dust by this deceitful man. This has nothing to do with being open for business, Cameron is selling who and what we are and treating us with the utmost contempt.

Shame is passé in England, especially in those who are well educated, however, I myself feel shame for the miserable and pathetic creatures who now rule us. It is the ordinary people who have now become ashamed of the so called leaders who are voting for UKIP.


Already we have Cameron and others saying how dangerous these jihadists are and what they are intent on doing, but what will they do about it? I have been saying for years that we have a recognised fifth column in this country but neither this or the last government did anything about it. The security service do their job well but then they come against our weak-kneed and truly pathetic politicians.

I would suspect that if you asked any thinking man or woman what should be done, they would say take away their passport and make them stateless or otherwise, in addition to that send their families after them. That is the common-sense and obvious thing to do, but will they do it, of course they won’t, Probably the EU and its courts will object and because we have succumbed and are now ruled by these people we will do as they say. So look forward to more PR and more people being killed and ‘we must learn our lesson’

Cameron and others before him ( Brown in particular) has given England keys away, so anyone can now come in  and treat us with the same amount of disrespect that Cameron has.

Things are going to get worse, they/we have given up ruling our self and will pay a very heavy price for this. We must not vote for acquiescent leaders like Cameron, Clegg and Miliband. If you love your country then you must vote for UKIP and ignore the collaborators.


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