The great give away

Premier Li Kegiang more or less tells Cameron that he wants to meet the Queen and despite it being contrary to what she normally does, she did.

This is only the beginning, China now they have the right to own, operate and build our nuclear power stations. China Railway Group wants to help with railway construction jobs.

Translation they intend to own, operate our railways and be in total control of our energy needs.

They, the Chinese, not our people, will descend on our shores and all the expertise and jobs we had will go.

Cameron is more than happy to pass our country over to an undemocratic regime, so why would he worry about the jobs and well being of the English nation.

What will be next, co-operation to build our submarine service, perhaps a controlling interest in our arms industry.

We all know that China is going to be the next world power, but is that any reason to beat a path to their door and have them take us over at this stage of the game.

France will still be France for a long time yet, what a pity our Parliament is so crowded with collaborators.

Cameron will have his way, because like Clegg, he is a spoiled little boy who wants his train set now, and to hell with anyone who gets in his way.

I am in charge, so do as I say and stop talking about democracy, it gives me a headache.


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