Blair, Cameron and immigration

The first thing you need to know is that both these people are pro-immigration, but for slightly different reasons.

Blair and his armchair socialist government held a contemptible view of England, to the point of being racist. They wanted to rub our nose in diversity, so they came up with multiculturalism, then opened the door to a million or more people. That is what the labour Party and Blair thought of us and their country.

Cameron is an out and out Eurocrat, but a mole because he works in the dark. Cameron could not give a damn about immigration, he has just opened the door to some of the poorest countries in Europe and we will pay the price, literally.

Now he is pushing for Albania to enter the EU! over three million people from one of the poorest and crime ridden countries gaining access to England.

Why is doing this? here we have another man who tells us how much he loves his country but cannot wait to give it away to our historic enemy. We as a nation are withering on the vine and it is all down to British politicians like Cameron.

We must vote in a strong right wing government this next time around. We have come to a crunch, every English man and woman must vote for UKIP, they are all that are between us and the death of England.

The Tory party once the stalwart of England have sold their souls to Germany and the EU. The Marxist Labour party too have given up on us, the undemocratic EU is like a song to their heart. The Liberals are hardly worth talking about.

We have one party, the party of the people, it is called UKIP; vote for it.


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