Iraq and Blair

Watching Blair on the Andrew Marr show today was a sight to behold. In keeping with the established rule in the Labour Party, the fault for anything that goes wrong is to blame some one else; and that’s what Blair did.

We all know that Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq, made possible by Alistair Campbell and M16 Sir John Scarlett and their dodgy dossiers, has led to this. Dismantling the Iraq army and police with no idea what to do in the aftermath. Not everyone in the Baathist party was a menace to society, for example virtually everyone in the public sector were in the party, they had to be. Still, out went the army, the police and the ministries and Iraq lost it’s leader and had it’s legs chopped from under it.

As a result the antagonism between the Sunni and the Shia was inevitable and in the 11 years has led to the complete destabilisation of Iraq. Blair should be impeached and those who helped in this task should face consequences.

What about the Chilcot enquiry, that should be made available, warts and all. Those who oppose making it available, are they not guilty too by sitting on information which, could result in a charge. If you and I sat on information which could be of help to the police, they would have you locked before you could say Blair.

Blair was too close to Bush, some of our leaders get carried away by this special relationship. There isn’t one, if it suited the Americans they would walk all over us, which is what they did in the second world War. Special relationship, what rubbish.

The best we can say is that they, Bush and Blair deserve each other.


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