Trojan Horse

Gove is right, appeasement towards the Islamic community has to stop.

Unfortunately this is a sign of the perennial weakness we now have in our politicians. The more radical elements in Islam have walked rings around our government and their cronies.

It is not just the those involved with the ‘Trojan Horse’ we also have a substantial Islamic fifth column in this country, the government know it, the police know it and we know it, however, have you ever heard a politician talk about it?  presumably MPs should know it!

The Home Office of course do nothing, which is why we have had violence with more to come. Just like the security service have stated, they only need to be lucky once. When people are dead or dying in the street, you can almost hear them, this must not happen again and we need to learn the lessons etc. etc.

The security services do an excellent job to protect us, but are hampered by those who turn their back for purely political reasons, or just lack of guts.

We need people like Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill in today’s world, conviction politicians, full of guts with a firm belief in our country. What have we got, a Marxist government in waiting, a left wing and foolish Liberals, with little or no honour and a lickspittle government who spends all of it’s time knee bending before the Chancellor of the new Reich.

France was right this country has become a haven for those who want to attack our way of life, it didn’t need to be. There are too many ‘chattering classes’ it is the ordinary people who can see what is going on and the obliteration of this once great country.

It is the ordinary people who have voted and will continue to vote for UKIP, we need a right wing government capable of respecting the wishes of the people and putting England first.

Wales voted for devolution, Scotland is about to vote for independence, (which I believe they will get because Salmond as a politician, outshine the whole of the Cabinet,)  but England has no vote because Cameron thinks that we are fruitcake and closet racists.

Cameron was lucky in Newark to have a very previous substantial majority, half of the Tory government were up there plus Cameron and yet UKIP took away more than half their majority and embarrassed the other parties to the point where they don’t even want to talk about it. Just think of all the fruitcakes and closet racists in a safe conservative seat!!

What is he going to do, where in other areas during the next general election his majority is far less; he will lose, that’s the answer.

We must vote for UKIP in the next election and get our country and pride back


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