Brecon Beacon and SAS soldiers.

Two SAS soldiers may be facing a charge as a result of soldiers dying through heat exhaustion, this is not right and the lawyers and the chattering classes should be put to one side.

I was a Para Staff Sergeant Instructor with the school of Infantry in Brecon and before that I spent a lot of time putting men through advanced training via the airborne depot.

Whilst one is cognisant that advance training for airborne troops needs a watchful eye, the same cannot be said for potential SAS soldiers. First of all they are already fully trained soldiers, secondly they train hard prior to this course and should be very fit.

They are all aware of the problems of heat exhaustion and of the ‘Wet weather syndrome’,  in the latter case they know that once wetness has got through to your skin and you keep moving your are in trouble and that is something you have to deal with; particularly in the Beacons.

Men of this calibre must learn how to deal with heat and cold, when it comes down to it, there is no one there to hold your hand. It is why many of the SAS have their grounding in the Parachute Battalions, the ability and training to keep going no matter what.

Overall we are grinding everything down to mediocrity, firemen who won’t step out of line, policemen who refuse to go into water to rescue someone, soldiers in battle, fighting with one hand behind their back and looking over their shoulders for money grubbing lawyers ready to pounce.

Start on the SAS then it is time to give up. Cameron and his defence minister have already compromised the defence of this country, their actions are inexcusable.

Is the assault on our soldiers by the Hague Court and the chattering classes going to become the norm. If so they will never get the part time soldiers they want, it is arguable that they will fail in this anyway.

Stay away from the special forces.


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