Margaret Hodge states that there is a prejudice, fuelled by hostility toward immigrants because not enough homes are being built for them!
So UKIP is right then, the shortage of homes and the subsequent rise in purchasing a home, is down to the fact that we are the housing association for the rest of Europe and parts of Africa. Not forgetting of course that we are also the worlds medical centre, all you have to do is get here and vote Labour; and that of course, is easy.
I wonder how Cameron felt yesterday in France, face to face with the veterans who were there to honour their comrades, all of whom died to give us our freedom.
I wonder, did it cross his mind that those young men, having sacrificed so much on that day, what would they have thought of a British Prime Minister and others like him who have willingly handed over our sovereignty to the EU who is run by Germany.
Did he not feel, just for one moment in time, a sense of shame, but somehow I don’t think so, this man who talks a lot about his country but doesn’t actually have any pride about who and what we are. He like others, have lost what it means to have a sense of duty and belief in his country, a few platitudes in parliament for those who are still dying, and that’s it. the moment it is out their mouth it is forgotten until the next one.
Our soldiers even when fighting for their lives, are looking over their shoulder for the money grubbing lawyers and their enemy looking for a’ fast buck’ and if Amnesty and the Hague Court can grab onto a couple of soldiers to prove a point better still; how shameful it all is.
Many of the veterans stated that ‘we did what we did so that future generations could live in freedom, without fear.’ Little did they realise that soldiers are now the victims, and that this, and possibly the last generation are brought up to  believe that the socialist state under Labour would take away their pride and work by putting them benefits for life.
Brown was very good at this, benefits for all and bring in the migrants on low cost wages. That way he could count on the immigrants vote and those on the dole too. Introduce a postal vote for corruption and the die was set.
Today we have corruption all round, banks to big to fail, fraud at the highest level and whether you taken to account; depends who and what you are.
The last government brought this country down into the gutter but has no sense of shame whatsoever, their ‘brass neck’ is beyond belief even when soldiers die; but still people vote for them!!
Today we have more to worry about because quite often those who are there to protect us have become the enemy. Cameron, ‘come hell or high water’ is intent on having us succumb to Germany and the European Union.
The EU has not kept the peace, it is destroying it. NATO is who we should be grateful for, it is that that has kept the peace. Internally it was the Irish supported by the USA that murdered our people and now we have Islamist in our midst who are determined to change our way of life. Some are radicals adopting the worst part of Islam and others are prepared to play a waiting game but they all have one thing in mind, and Christianity does not come into it.
So now we have right wing movements, again some are moderates and some aren’t; so who do we blame for that. You take away the people right to determine their own future, as Cameron is now doing and you are going to get right wing movements, however they are defined. So Cameron is high on the blame list.
What we need is a government that heeds the will of the people. We need a sovereign government and not a blind servile government bowing to the will of a foreign state, in this case Germany.
We need a government who will deal with the radical elements who have installed themselves in this country, no more appeasement.
The only way we can do that is to vote for UKIP to counter those who have succumbed.
We sacrificed so much for freedom; so many young men; Cameron has no right in any way shape or form, to give it away to a foreign power.



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