In Blair’s speech to the CBI this morning he had the cheek to accuse UKIP of stigmatising foreigners, in order to win over the white working class!

This is the man who set out a deliberate policy of allowing unfettered immigration into this country, for no other reason than to rub the middle classes nose in diversity, then promote multiculturalism where everybody’s view was more important than the Christian majority.

We ended up with petty vindictive laws which made it an offence to protest or voice personal views, for fear of being hauled before the courts or tribunals or vilified by the party machine. So why are we listening to this EU propogander.

Let us face it, here was a Prime Minister of Britain waging a class war against his own people, yet today he once again regales us with his own messianic views on Britain.

Many of us in this country believe that this man should be hauled before the Hague International Courts. Virtually everyone believes that he misled parliament, as a result of which many soldiers died with many more seriously injured. Yet the CBI invite him in, then listen to his phony speech, with rapt attention.

Is it any wonder why UKIP has become the Party it is, when we are faced with such stunning hypocrisy. This despotic man should not be listened to; under him and Brown they brought this country down into the gutter.

I am more than amazed that (apart from immigrants) people still vote for them, talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.

Is it any wonder why I wrote this book 13 years ago.




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