After the European election

Predictably Nigel had his political earthquake, despite the quite unbelievable torrent of abuse levelled at him and his party by the media and main party leaders.

His emphatic win, and the rise of the far right in France and others are sending out a very clear message to the EU and Germany, a truly powerful vote that is saying; we want change and now.

The arrogance of the EU, when votes in France and Denmark said no was palpable. It is not what we want said the EU so vote again; even then democracy was on a very slippery slope.

This was fascism, and we would do well to understand that UKIP saw this and has fought against it. This is why UKIP cannot be linked to any one of these parties; UKIP is against Fascism.

Europe is a complete failure, didn’t the founders of this movement wanted us to link to Germany to get rid of Fascism, instead of which they are now responsible for the rise of nationalism across Europe.

Today leaders are meeting  to discuss what to do about this rise, Cameron is there of course, but he is not there because now wants to represent us, he is there to see what sort of stitch up he and Merkel can come up with to keep the masses quieter and put them back in their holes. Germany does not want us to regain our sovereignty; Cameron has already decided that Germany is our leader, God forbid.

Blair has raised his head again espousing his views on Swedish television, what it is about the labour party that makes it so damn hypocritical. Have we forgotten already that it was Blair and the likes of Red Ed that caused the immigration problem in the first place?

Their open door policy, Andrew Neather an aide to Blair let it be known that it was a deliberate policy with a view to changing the face of England, designed to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’. Well he did that we had the biggest explosion of immigrants in a thousand years, yes a thousand years. Yet Blair had the cheek to call UKIP nasty! What would you call a party that did that to its people?

Thanks to Blair and his socialist party we went into the Iraq war for the wrong reasons, as a result 179 British soldiers were killed and over 2,000 seriously injured; it is estimated that over 100,000 Iraq civilians died; that is the legacy of this megalomaniac leader. Why has he not been arrested, a judge gave 10 years to a marine who lost his way in a battle, something is wrong.

Coming back to Cameron, he has treated the English public with total contempt and is still doing so and it will be the undoing of the Tory party. Nigel, if he is tempted to enter a pact with the Tory party will lose all his support. Forget the media and various articles stating that a pact must be made to keep out that foolish man we know as Red Ed.

An in out referendum before the next election, otherwise the Tory party are dead.

We must continue to vote for UKIP and put UKIP men and women in parliament, and let us be the kingmaker, it can be done.


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